Stress Management – 7 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Life

As someone who was once diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I know how important it is to manage stress properly.


There are many other reasons why people may want to seek stress relief and learn how to deal with anxiety. Life moves fast, relationships can be complicated, and there is so much variety and contrast that it all can feel overwhelming at times.


The good thing is that there are things we can do to eliminate anxiety and keep it far away. Here are seven great tips for stress management that can take you beyond relief and into good health and happiness.


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best tips for stress management

#1 Use Essential Oils 


Essential oils can be super calming. They can help you sleep when you’re feeling restless, or they can just help you calm your nerves and wind down.


My favorite essential oil is lavender oil, because it smells so good and it also has many other uses beyond aromatherapy. You can use lavender oil to make DIY cosmetics, eco-safe cleaning fluid, and even to soothe inflammation. (You can find my favorite lavender oil in My Favorite Things Shop!)


You can also try Cedarwood oil or Roman chamomile oil, and don’t think that you can only use them at home. You can take them to work and use them whenever you need to take a break and relax.


There are plenty of other ways to use essentials oils besides diffusing them, so you don’t have to worry about bothering your coworkers.




#2 Meditate


This is that one thing on every article about stress relief that will not go away. It might annoy you if you don’t like meditation or if you think it’s for weird people who do yoga. Call it what you will, just try to sit and think about nothing for five minutes.


Let yourself space out for while and try not to weigh down your thoughts with worries. Lay down, sit down, close your eyes, keep them open, who cares? Just make a small effort to clear your mind and think about nothing at all (or as little as you can) for five minutes.


It will relax you, help keep you focused, and give you a break from incessant worrying. This break can help you tread a new track in your brain and give you fresh space for healthier, happier thoughts.


If you struggle to quiet your mind, Wayne Dyer wrote about a brilliant meditation method in his book Getting in the Gap that can help you zone out almost instantly. If you’re interested, you can find this book in my Law of Attraction Book Shop.




#3 Gain a Better Awareness of Your Truths 


What are some things that are undeniably true for you that make you feel better? For example, when I consciously remind myself that I am source energy and that it is my natural state to feel good and prosper, all imaginary stress melts away.


I know that what I think and believe and focus on creates my life, and it renders any worries completely useless and totally unnecessary.


What are your deep and profound truths that wash away and override the things you worry about? Which thoughts soothe you and bring you home into your natural state of love and abundance? Write these things down, remember them, and hold them in your mind.


If you are not happy with your beliefs, there are ways to change them to be more congruent with what you want and the life you want to live.


I know that my beliefs shape my life, and it’s paramount that they remain congruent with love and peace and my personal vision of happiness.




How to deal with anxiety and stress




#4 Focus on the Right End of the Stick 


Abraham Hicks says that there are two subjects in every subject – what you want and the lack of what you want. Wealth and the lack of wealth, to give a common example.


If you’re focused on relieving anxiety but all of your attention is still on your anxiety, you probably won’t be very successful. If you simply focus on relieving stress, you’ll always be managing your stress.


Take that word out of your vocabulary. I don’t like the word stress, and I really don’t like the word anxiety. You can choose different words to describe how you feel in a way that will minimize drama and keep you centered.


Aim to relax because it’s healthy and because it makes you feel good. Focus your attention on relaxation and recreation. What relaxes you? Is it sitting in a hammock or running nine miles? Is it listening to the sounds of the ocean or blasting heavy metal? Take some time to relax and have fun every day, and have good outlets for your energy.




#5 Keep Your Living Space Organized


If your house is a mess, it can be harder for you to relax. Psychology has long affirmed that it’s easier for people to unwind in an environment that is orderly, so put some care into arranging your belongings in a neat and organized way.


Taking care of your home is an expression of love for your home, and I believe that the more appreciation you have for your home, the better and happier your life will be.


I used Cleaning Out Your Closet, a short guide by Jill Jordenson, to get rid of a lot of my clutter that was detracting from my happiness and to beautify my home and make it a place I could relax in.


I was able to sell a lot of things and get a lot of my money back, and I was also able to organize everything in a way that keeps everything effortlessly in order.




#6 Read Good Books 


Reading a novel by your favorite author will probably make you feel happy, and you should do that too. However, I’m talking about reading books that will increase your awareness and give you knowledge that will empower you in the most profound ways.


When Sir Francis Bacon said knowledge is power, he wasn’t being poetic. Not every new thing you learn will have the power to transform your life, but there is knowledge out there that does have the power to change your life and make you the person that you want to be in the life you want to live.


My top book recommendations include The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. These aren’t just self-help books – they are empowering books that can help people get beyond healing and into thriving.


In one of her most recent videos, Kelley Rosano recommended reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, one of the most concise guides on LOA ever written. You can even get it on the Kindle Store and iBooks free.




#7 Take Care of Yourself


How would you treat a partner who you really love and care for? How would you treat your child? Your beloved pet? Treat yourself the same way, or even better.


Do nice things for yourself, speak calmly to yourself, think nurturing and soothing thoughts, set good standards for yourself, get plenty of rest, and do things you love. You don’t have to wait for anything to change to take good, loving care of yourself. Just start.


Start today. Start right now. I will leave you with a quote from Abraham, because I’m a big Hamster and I think it’s an amazing quote to write down and keep somewhere special:



“Be kind to yourself. Do things that feel fun. Look for things that bring you relief, and just easily move into that place (your Vortex) where all things that you want have already been lined up for you.” Abraham Hicks, The Vortex.





How do you like to relax and unwind? Share with us in the comments below!


Thanks for the shares!

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