101 Ways to Take Good Care of Yourself

101 best ways to take good care of yourself

There is only one you, so take good care of yourself! Here are  101 amazing ways…


101 best ways to take good care of yourself



  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Drink green tea
  3. Clean up your living space
  4. Ditch junk food
  5. Eat some walnuts
  6. Eat sunflower seeds
  7. Do some deep breathing
  8. Go for a walk or run
  9. Laugh
  10. Meditate
  11. Refine and review your goals
  12. Take a healthy vitamin or supplement
  13. Get some sleep
  14. Get some fresh air
  15. Read a good book
  16. Learn a skill that can make you money
  17. Do some yoga
  18. Moisturize your skin
  19. Drink white tea
  20. Get a good pillow
  21. Use essential oils to fall asleep naturally
  22. Write down the things you’re happy about
  23. Take a walk in nature
  24. Let your bare feet touch the ground
  25. Get your teeth cleaned
  26. Trim your split ends
  27. Eat citrus for vitamin C
  28. Spend some time in the sun
  29. Remind yourself why you love being you
  30. Keep yourself warm
  31. Get good work done
  32. Do something fun with your free time
  33. Review and manage your finances
  34. Eat raw vegetables
  35. Drink fresh juice
  36. Plan some healthy meals
  37. Set up a fitness challenge
  38. Drink plain water
  39. Drink infused water
  40. Write down your goals and look at them daily
  41. Visit someplace new
  42. Think about something that makes you happy
  43. Make your home a sacred space
  44. Join a new fitness class
  45. Detox with a DIY face mask
  46. Hydrate with a hair mask
  47. File your nails the right way
  48. Hydrate your cuticles
  49. Upcycle your old clothes
  50. Grow your own fresh herbs
  51. Eat an apple a day
  52. Do a squat challenge
  53. Encourage yourself
  54. Believe in yourself
  55. Surround yourself with things that make you happy
  56. Do something new and exciting once in awhile
  57. Enjoy your coffee at home
  58. Start a compost bin
  59. Avoid plastic as much as possible
  60. Learn to ignore those who don’t understand you or believe in you
  61. Go swimming, or learn to swim
  62. Complete a puzzle
  63. Learn a foreign language
  64. Book a counseling session
  65. Visit a farmer’s market
  66. Eat a few pieces of dark chocolate
  67. Celebrate something you don’t normally celebrate
  68. Stop at two drinks, or don’t drink at all
  69. Quit smoking altogether
  70. Put some plants in your home
  71. Take a probiotic
  72. Heal acne with cocoa butter cream and aloe vera gel
  73. Ditch bleach and clean your home with baking soda, vinegar, or lemon
  74. Give yourself a gift
  75. Listen to music that makes you feel good
  76. Give yourself a foot massage
  77. Reorganize and redecorate your home (check out this short guide)
  78. Drop perfectionism and allow yourself to be human
  79. Value the moment you’re in
  80. Book a massage at a spa
  81. Give yourself a scalp massage
  82. Eat berries
  83. Create an energizing morning ritual and a relaxing one for night time
  84. Take care of your things
  85. Drink cranberry juice
  86. Remember that your mind is powerful tool, so think nurturing thoughts
  87. Hug someone for 20 seconds
  88. Smile
  89. Do something small that you always wanted to do
  90. Do at least one thing every day that gets you closer to your goals
  91. Revise and improve your resume
  92. Protect your time and save it for things that are good for you
  93. Make peace with anything that disturbs your mind, or let it go
  94. Spend time with people who encourage your health and happiness
  95. Avoid people who want to manipulate you or bring you down
  96. Start a gratitude or appreciation journal
  97. Name the reasons you love your work
  98. Spend less time distracting yourself with entertainment and more time reaching your goals
  99. Become a person who can make anything fun
  100. Volunteer once a month
  101. Be your own best friend



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