How I Cured My Adult Acne Naturally

How I cured my adult acne the natural way

I speak from experience when I say that adult acne is no fun. Luckily for me, I found an adult acne treatment that doesn’t involve any type of chemicals or acne antibiotics. It is 100% natural and totally effective.


If you’re tired of feeling bad about your skin, keep reading! I’m about to show you the best adult acne treatment for all skin types.


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How I cured my adult acne the natural way

What Causes Adult Acne?


There’s not one simple explanation for why acne continues into adulthood or why it may suddenly crop up post-teen years. However, there are several factors that dermatologists know of that are linked to adult acne:


  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Side effects of certain medications


Work, college, family life, and pressures of adult responsibilities can all contribute to increased stress levels. While it’s normal to feel stressed from time to time, if not managed, your stress can turn into chronic stress. Chronic stress and anxiety affect all aspects of health including the immune system, brain functioning, and skin.


Stress can also disrupt hormonal balance, another one of the major causes of adult acne. These hormonal imbalances may show up on your skin as acne in addition to other symptoms (If you think you may have a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS, it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor). Menopause can also signal a return of acne, and it’s not uncommon for women going through menopause to experience at least one outbreak.


Some medications may also cause or exacerbate existing acne. These include some antidepressants, such as lithium, antiepileptic medications, and halogens.


Whatever your starting point is, you should find at least one tip below that will help you clear your acne and keep it away for good.



Some Background Info


I was in my mid 20s and still had horrible acne that would get worse depending on my diet and stress levels. I was not only embarrassed of my skin, but it was also really physically painful and irritating to have so many blemishes on my face.


I didn’t understand why I never outgrew my teenage acne or why it would flare up so bad. I tried many different types of scrubs, creams, and astringents to cleanse my skin, but it never really made a difference. Sometimes, using benzoyl peroxide would minimize my blemishes, but it left my skin dry, flaky, and irritated.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s itchy, dry skin! This made it hard for me to leave my face alone, and I’m pretty sure I damaged my sensitive skin even more with all the scratching. I also had trouble making my foundation look good on these impossibly dry and flaky layers of skin. I felt a bit hopeless, and I was definitely in the dark on skin health, but that was about to change.



Learning from the Best


My eye-opening moment came on a visit to see my great grandmother one Saturday evening. She saw my face and immediately asked me about my regimen. She laughed at me and said I was crazy when I told her about all the chemicals I was using and how I avoided moisturizing as much as possible (I thought it would make my skin even more oily and lead to more breakouts).


My great grandma has always been beautiful, even at the age of 98! She has long been into natural health and has always used natural remedies to keep herself feeling young and healthy.


She told me that acne comes from the inside and that it has to be cured from the inside. I thought I understood what she meant (junk food and stress), but it turned out that there was so much more to it. She also advised me to moisturize and keep my skin hydrated.



What I Did


I went home feeling inspired and a little bit more hopeful about my situation. I dug up some old natural health books that she gave us years ago and began reading about adult acne home remedies. I learned that brewer’s yeast is great for the skin because it contains tons of vitamins and is considered a probiotic. I also learned about the health benefits of probiotics and began drinking a lot of kefir in addition to taking probiotic capsules.


What is Kefir?


Instead of drying out my face with benzoyl peroxide, I started soothing my skin with cocoa butter cream and aloe vera. I bought my own tiny aloe vera plant at a local Sprouts, and once a week I would cut off a leaf, scrape out the jelly, and apply it to my face as a mask.


I also started putting pure, local honey on my face about once a week to help heal any blemishes or scars that were present. Sometimes, I would mix the two for more healing power and efficiency.


Aloe Vera Jelly Mask:


  1. Scrape out the inside of one aloe vera leaf. You don’t need a lot to cover your face, so save whatever is left in the refrigerator for next time.
  2. Apply to your face with a brush or your fingers and leave for fifteen minutes to an hour. It will probably dry before the hour is up, so it’s more like a 15-30 minute mask.
  3. Rinse off with water and reapply your moisturizer.
  4. Do this a few times a week or as often as necessary.


Honey Mask:


  1. Apply one teaspoon of honey all over your face or on blemished or scarred areas.
  2. Leave on for up to an hour. It’s really sticky, but you can do your nails, read, or soak your feet while you wait.
  3. Rinse off with cold water and moisturize your face.
  4. Do this once a week or as often as you need.



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Aloe Vera Mask DIY


Honey Mask DIY




I liked to use both cocoa butter cream and aloe vera cream on my face, and both are very inexpensive. I bought my cocoa butter cream and aloe vera cream from GNC for around two dollars each. I used these at night and during the day under my makeup, and each jar lasted me at least a month. You can get the same cocoa butter cream here and the aloe vera cream here.  


I found that the cocoa butter cream was instantly soothing, and it really felt like an acne miracle cure. To this day, nothing makes my skin feel better than slathering on some regular cocoa butter cream! It is a bit thick, so I usually preferred to use aloe vera cream under my makeup during the day.




I wanted to be as gentle with my skin as possible, so I started avoiding harsh scrubs and cleansers that contained drying ingredients. I used my Clarisonic Mia 2, one of my favorite things ever, along with baby soap/shampoo to clean my face. The baby soap was pure and gentle enough to suit my needs and the Clarisonic gave me a deep clean and gentle daily exfoliation. I did this morning and night.



Get the Clarisonic Mia 2 from Amazon






My Diet - Home Remedies for Acne


While I was doing all this, I have to admit that my diet at the time was okay at best. I always aim to eat whole foods and healthy meals, but I did occasionally eat junk food and fast food. I was a junk food addict, so it was hard for me to give up chips and french fries. However, as I mentioned before, I was drinking kefir every day, and I also blended myself a brewer’s yeast drink every single day.
I liked Twinlab’s brewer’s yeast the best, and I was able to blend it and drink it quickly using my Magic Bullet Blender. I also took a multivitamin and a probiotic supplement every day in addition to all this. My probiotic supplement was pretty steep in price because I bought the live, refrigerated kind, but it was worth it. I also drank plenty of water.


Acne tips drink water






Acne tips - cardio exercise


At this time, I was also a serious runner, and I started to become more and more addicted to running as I paid more attention to my health. I typically ran around three miles a day, but I would often run six or ten.


I definitely think the exercise helped me reduce my stress and, in turn, helped minimize my acne. In fact, some clinical studies indicate that exercise has a significant impact on stress and its biological consequences.


Adult acne - remedies and working out


The Results


Within a few months my acne was greatly reduced, and within a year it was gone. Completely gone. I can say without a shred of doubt that these results lasted without any rebound effect or new flare ups.


I know this because once I saw that my acne wasn’t coming back, I got a bit lazy. I wasn’t as diligent with my brewer’s yeast shakes, probiotics, or exercise, but it still never came back.


I continued to eat brewer’s yeast and probiotic foods and occasionally take probiotic supplements, and I always tried to exercise when I could, but I definitely wasn’t doing these things on a daily basis anymore. Still, the acne did not return.


Recently, I stopped using cocoa butter cream because my husband and I can’t seem to find it anywhere in Ukraine, but I’m doing just fine with the aloe vera cream I found at the supermarket. I eat probiotic foods sometimes, but I haven’t had brewer’s yeast since I moved out of the U.S..


I use regular body soap on my face, I never use honey or aloe vera masks, and living in another country can be quite stressful at times. Still, no acne.


What this means is that I didn’t find a remedy or regimen to keep acne at bay – I found a cure. The fact that I stopped doing the majority of the things that I did to heal my acne and experienced no rebound effect makes it clear that I cured whatever issue was causing my acne in the first place.


Would I keep using cocoa butter cream and Twinlab brewer’s yeast if I could find it? Absolutely! These things are clearly good for the skin and healthy for the body. I only slowed down because I got lazy, and I only stopped using some of them because I moved out of the country.


All of the things on this list are great for maintaining good skin and overall health, and there’s no reason to stop doing them even when the acne stops showing up.    


Putting It All Together


It would be hard for me to credit any one thing for healing my acne. I know that each individual thing I did played a key role in improving my health and healing my skin.


The probiotics did a tremendous amount of work by balancing my gut health, improving my immune system, and leading to clearer skin. The brewer’s yeast also gave me the vitamins, energy, and probiotics I needed to restore and maintain good health.


The cocoa butter cream, aloe vera, and honey soothed my dry, irritated, and blemish-ridden skin (and balanced it to make it less oily!). The exercise reduced my stress levels and contributed to my overall health as well. Finally, the baby soap and cleansing brush reduced my irritation and gently cleansed my skin without doing more damage.


If you want to repeat what I did, here’s what you’ll need:


  • Cocoa butter cream
  • An aloe vera plant and/or aloe vera cream
  • Pure, local honey (Not vegan)
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Probiotic foods
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Daily or regular exercise
  • Multivitamin
  • Gentle, natural cleanser
  • Cleansing brush


Inner Work


During this time, I was also reading a lot of self-help books and trying to get my life on track again. I discovered You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. These are two of my all-time favorite books, and they really helped me gain a holistic perspective on my health, life, and happiness.


I think learning these things also played a key role in restoring my skin health and well-being, and I recommend them to everyone who is looking to restore balance and health in their lives.


My Great Grandma Was Right


She was right when she said that you have to heal acne from within. I did manage to reduce my stress levels, but I also balanced my gut health, boosted my health with vitamins and better nutrition, and found inner healing with self-help.


The only things I did on the outside to heal my acne was soothe my skin and avoid irritating it further so that the blemishes could dissipate. That’s what the cocoa butter, aloe vera, honey, and baby soap did, but that definitely isn’t the only thing that cured it.


However, I may not have been able to effectively cure it if I kept irritating it and preventing it from healing on the outside. It took all of these measures to heal my skin, but I did it without any chemicals or acne antibiotics.  



Acne free - my adult acne healing story




This post has covered all things adult acne – remedies, causes, and tips for minimizing it and treating it effectively. I’ve shown you how to get rid of adult acne by sharing my success story with you, and I’ve shared with you all of the tips and products I used to make my acne fade away for good.


This is my natural and holistic cure for healing adult acne. It worked insanely well for me, and I hope it works for you too.




What helps you get rid of your adult acne? Share with us in the comments below!





Thanks for the shares!


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